About us

"Bringing the renowned heritage of Châteaux and Domaines de France to oenophiles, epicureans and gourmands alike in Singapore and South East Asia, Aether makes a big entrance onto the local wine stage."

Aether – “Upper Air” of the Gods

Named after the mythical Greek deity that personifies the pure “upper air” the Gods breath on Mount Olympus, Aether aims to offer an ethereal and extraordinary experience in the world of wine that can only be gained from the specialized experiential services provided by a passionate team.

At the helm of this agency are Mr. Champ Wu (Executive Director) and Mr. Douglas Soh (Managing Director), two highly discerning wine connoisseurs with over ten years in the Food & Beverage industry who have collaborated up to deliver a unique, full VIP service and of course, otherworldly experience.

Aether conceptualizes and handcrafts engaging launch events that connect like-minded peers in palatably inebriating ambiances, juxtaposing innovative media with finely curated wine selections.

Why Aether?

As a wine store, Aether’s expertise in all things wine is quickly shaping the company’s reputation as a wine seller and purveyor of premium and exclusive wine brands in Singapore. The duo’s vast and nuanced mastery of oenology and their astute rigour when it comes to the variety and the high quality of its wines is rapidly putting it on solid standing with wine lovers both in Singapore and the region.

A well-oiled logistical machine ensures the bottles retain their pristine quality and render the fullness and authenticity of their aromas. From Singapore and Hong Kong to Taiwan, or China, clients can interface with specialists that will grant them unprecedented access to the world of wine thanks to Aether’s extensive network of connections in the wine and spirits industry.

To date, Aether’s outstanding and thoughtfully arranged brand portfolio includes the famed Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades champagne), Cattier, Dopff Au Moulin, Varnier Fannière, Tendil & Lombardi, Sarl Dubost, La Pèira and Philippe Charlopin.