Les Jamelles

Languedoc, France

Since 1991, “Les Jamelles” has been produced by Catherine and Laurent Delaunay, two young winemakers from Burgundy whose family has been producing wine for four generations.
 After working in California they both fell under the charm of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the South of France. Catherine Delaunay is one of few rare women to work as a winemaker.

Throughout the year, in particular during the harvesting periods, she travels the length and breadth of the region visiting the growers who work in partnership with “Les Jamelles,” supervising the vinification processes, organising the ageing of the wines and carrying out the final blending.
 A veritable “maestro,” passionate about the art of wine tasting, Catherine oversees and is responsible for the quality of each the “Les Jamelles” wines.